Welcome. I’m David Sirias, rock music writer, performer, producer, and publisher. This is my music site for all my previously released material and my first solo album “In Oculi Veritas”. I previously wrote and produced all songs for Holly Nichole: https://hollynicholemusic.com

My rock opera and many older songs are also here: https://johntitorensemble.com/

In Oculi Veritas contains songs all written in late 2017 and 2018. You can stream on Spotify and Apple Music along with most other major streaming sites. Special thanks to Ian Sirias for piano assistance and to Portland based vocalists Alli Magee and Nyleen for their contributions throughout.

Seabek is Living Art

New David Sirias EP – Seabek is Living Art

Seabek is Living Art-cover

Sabina VonVichy

My song, Sabina VonVichy, and the wonderful graphic by ZinZang Studio CENSORED BY BIG TECH.


Sabina VonVichy
David Sirias – Sabina-VonVichy-cover

Party in Riyadh

Party in Riyadh

Thank you for visiting my site. I’m pleased to announce the digital release of my new album, “ Party in Riyadh”. It is available on all the major streaming platforms worldwide.

Much thanks to vocalist Cristina Amaya who assisted throughout with excellent backing vocals. Check out the song videos on YouTube, and please follow me on Twitter @davidsirias1 and Instagram—davidsirias1 Feel free to PM there.

Penetrate Me Look

We are pleased to announce the release of the new single Penetrate Me Look on all major steaming platforms. The Spotify link is here

The song was inspired by many great forward thinking people, especially Shahid Buttar. Special thanks to Portland OR based singer / songwriter Rascal Miles for her backing vocal contributions. The EP, Fist Pumps, prequel to Penetrate Me Look, is near completion. Announcement pending. Thank you for supporting independent media and independent recording artists.