In late August 2022 , I attempted do perform routine upload of a new song, Sabina Von Vichy. Is was intended as a single with the beautiful graphic above, created by Zin Zang Studio, of Toano, VA, my supremely talented longtime webmaster and graphic designer. It was based on a simple concept envisioned by me. The graphic is perfect for the times, for the lyrics in the song, which contain no explicit lyrics, and for the collective consciousness, given we are in a #WW3 war of official disinformation launched by the Western Oligarchs and the corporate media, corporate biomedical complex, and corporate politicians and governments of all stripes controlled by the Oligarchy.

The upload was to @TuneCore, my long time third party distributor to worldwide streaming sites. In the link I will post again to my website, you will see that TuneCore provides no reason for not releasing the song other than saying they reserve the right to to release on terms and conditions, they make opaque. I’m an experienced lawyer experienced with complicated contracts. I violated no terms or conditions. The wonderful album cover art made by Zing Zang Studio violets no terms or conditions.

That is where you come in, as an artist , as a fan of music, fan of art. If Tunecore can block one of my songs because it’s words are truthful, and it’s associated art is base to the song, then you have no art. You have no culture. You have no dialogue. You simply have commerce that is lowest common denominator, fear based, and cannot challenge power or tell truth to power. See the Foo Fighters Drummer.

This is a dangerous path that TuneCore and possibly other third party distributors have opened up relative to free speech of which American Citizens like me are supposed to possess as a Constitutional Right. This free speech which you value is an illusion of course in End Stage Capitalism . If you can only release songs by abiding by corporate narrative standards that you didn’t sign up for, then there is no art, just commerce. Is that the world you want to live in? A place where the realists can say , ‘nope you surrealists are not allowed to display’ 🤔

If you reject that non creative, non humanist world , then you can make a difference by streaming the song direct from my website , link below. Just click Sabina Von Vichy. And please share widely and ask your friends , both asleep and awake , to listen . We are in a World War of Information. As Joe Strummer of the Clash once said on an interview when asked why he wanted to go into music, he said “ a little three minute song can change someone’s life. “

In this era of the Elites’ controlled demolition of the global economy, a little song might save someone’s life. ✊🏼❤️

David Sirias October 8, 2022

New Album news coming soon. 👍🏼#ResistanceUnited